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Consent Manager

Comprehensive, flexible, accessible and privacy friendly cookie consent management solution for every project. In fact it is used by this website.

Live Translation Bot

A bot for the communication platform Discord that automatically translates spoken sentences into a different language allowing for people speaking different languages to have a conversation. Originally made during Discord Hack Week 2019 using Node.js.

Julia Yoga

Wordpress Theme customization and site creation using WPBakery


Library that returns a list of possible KeyboardEvent codes based the input keyCode. Useful for replacing a missing KeyboardEvent.code property.

Sleep Timer

A free tool that automatically shuts down your PC after a set amount of time. All wrapped as a beautiful and simplistic native desktop app.

Username Generator

Unlike other generators that combine keywords to create usernames this one uses hand-picked syllables to create truly unique names.

Domain Digger

Simple Next.js app that allows you to view various details related to a domain name.

Charity Run Helper

A Flutter and Firebase application with the goal of reducing paperwork when organizing charity runs.

Farm Siege

Farm Siege is a game about farming crops, defending them under pressure and to survive as long as possible to earn as many points as possible.

Julia Tomuschat

Website of an author presenting her books in an elegant way and providing the reader with information about her and the books’ contents as well as offering additional fitting content.


A middleware package for Express.js/Connect that simplifies accessing the visitors’ “Do-Not-Track” preference.

Awards Bot

Klauer Consulting

Modern but classy site made for a consulting company that is improving workflows in internationally successful companies.


Reusable timer class library that supports both promises and multiple callbacks and is most importantly pauseable.

ID4me for Node.js

ID4me is an authentication standard supported by major internet companies aiming to enable users to take back their privacy.

This Node.js project offers developers a simple way to implement ID4me authentication on their site.

Grüne Bezirkstag Mittelfranken

WordPress site made using a custom theme and adapted to the customers needs.

Also transfer of blog articles from Typo3 to Wordpress.